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Shiriasu (Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi)

Isshin furan ni mi wo nage hito wo aishite mo, nani mo kaette konai nante omowanaide. Kuchi ni dasenai koto ga aru, kuchi ni dashicha ikenai koto ga aru. Shiriasu ni subete o tojikomete, funbatte mite mo, sakini susumanai koto ga ōi yo ne, ai ga konna ni mo shinsetsu de kurushī mono da to […]


Serafine (Dead End)

Always slipping by the wind of evolution selects our blood, Left behind, I rise into the sky gazing up at that ship blown by the wind. Let me belong to your race. Riding on a future you’re unable to believe in, Where do you go?, Even you do not know, In the end devote all […]


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