Serafine (Dead End)

Always slipping by the wind of evolution selects our blood, Left behind, I rise into the sky gazing up at that ship blown by the wind.

Let me belong to your race.

Riding on a future you’re unable to believe in, Where do you go?, Even you do not know, In the end devote all your love…

The ceaseless cold winds carry your torn voice, Do you not sense our impending destruction?, Before it comes I want to see you just one more time.

Let me belong to your blood.

When night falls I remember you upon the sand, Gathering scattered, Wreckage falling down from the sky.

But you still do not know, SERAFINE, Oh, I miss you so.

Listening to the wind on nights when stars fall, SERAFINE, Deep into the night, Where do the cold winds go?, SERAFINE, All night round ’n round.

What can I do from here?, SERAFINE, SERAFINE, You drive me crazy now, Can I go to where you are?, SERAFINE, Deep into the night.

What can I do from here?, SERAFINE, You drive me crazy now…..

Dead End 25th Anniversary Live Kaosmoscape At Shibuya Kokaido 2012.09.16 [Japan BD]

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