¿Por dónde Unos van con sus Timberland?

¿Por dónde Unos van con sus Timberland? Para caminar por esas calles, para caminar por la montaña, para caminar por los escombros que quedaron de un amor, y dejar algunas huellas en el corazón… Precio: ¥11.000 ($142.00). (Clic sobre la imagen para ampliar).

Save Japan Official Charity T-shirts Powered by Juichi Wakisaka (Produced by ABC Mart)

Save Japan Official Charity T-shirts produced by ABC Mart x Save Japan Powered by Juichi Wakisaka. ~ 今、僕たちにできる事 ~ Price: ¥1.000 ($13.00).

Help To Disaster Area From MOTOR SPORTTo All Lovers Of Motor Sports.

The damages and the casualties caused by the “Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake” and the tsunami. It’s just too devastating. News of further damages and casualities still come in every day. Watching the clips on TV of the tsunami wiping out everything that stands in its way, as if watching a movie. I had no clue what to do. I was upset. But time passes by.

Don’t know how, don’t know what, but one thing I knew was that there was no time for me to think. I just had to stand up and act on it. I knew there were a lot of us feeling the same way. If I could only bring everyone’s feeling into one.

With this in mind, I started this cause. There is nothing I can do alone. But if I can bring everyone’s feeling into one, there will be a way to do things I would not be able to do alone. Let’s all unite and stand up for this cause!! It is time for Japan to be as one. This is not a problem only for the victims, but for each and every one of the people of Japan. I ask you all for your help.

The Japanese Racing Community will be the first to start. To be reached to the victims of this disaster… “Save Japan” . (Juichi Wakisaka / Racing Driver)