Close to the Edge (Barren Cross) Audio

Y entonces vino el final de todos los tiempos, un tiempo en el que nada se hace viejo, nada muere, es un lugar donde puedes volar todo alrededor, el cielo se encuentra, ¿no puedes ver el relámpago brillante en el sonido?… Cerca del borde, me estaba quedando sin tiempo…


And then it came at the end of all time, a time where nothing grows old, nothing dies, it’s a place where you can fly all around, heaven is found, can’t you see the bright lightning in sound?.

Close to the edge, I was running out of time, close to the edge, but now there’s peace of mind.

And now I look to the north and I see in front of me a shining blue light in the distance, oh I see a castle of ivory gold, look out, behold, it almost never became my home, no, no.

Close to the edge, I was running out of time, close to the edge, walking on a thin, thin line.

Close to the edge, the spotlight shines on you now, close to the edge, you better make your choice soon now, close to the edge, your heart’s the key that makes you free, close to the edge, as the world blinds your eyes, God can make you see, close to the edge.

Don’t burn out the light, it ain’t burning bright no, son can’t you see where you’re going, you’re close to the edge.

Oh, well I know you cry, you don’t wanna die, so take what I’ve found, and you’ll be miles and miles from the edge, you’re close to the edge.

On the edge of the world there’s only one rhyme, but you ain’t got the time to know what it means, you’re dead, you’re dead, don’t figure it out ’cause you’re dead, no, no, you’re dead, on the edge of the world, on the edge of the world.

Close to the edge, close to the edge, close to the edge, close to the edge, close to the edge…..

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