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Harebare (Tanimura Shinji)

Ai wo sagashite asu wo sagashite, hito no umi wo oyoide irunda, oboresō ni narinagara, ai wo sagashite asu wo sagashite, dare ka to hanashitai dake nanda, sabishisa wa shitte iru kara, kanashīn janai yo, setsunai dake nanda, kokoro ga oresōde, hito ga koishī dake nanda. Harebare haretara nanika ga kawarisōde, itsuka wa aitai kokoro […]


Forever (Ykiki Beat)

So many ups and downs, Trying to think it’s better life, When the sun goes down, I will say, Don’t take your eyes off. Turn it upside down, Before the end would be the real, Let us shout out loud, And I say, Don’t take your eyes off. There’s a fear in love, Fear in […]


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