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Rain by Dragon (80’s Rock!)

Dragon’s promo-video (July, 1983). Taken from the 1983 album “Body and the Beat“. Rain (Dragon) Well it’s a happenin’ thing, And it’s happenin’ to you, Full moon and thunder, Ribbons of blue, Ice on the window, Ice in my heart, Foolin’ with thunder, Every time we start. It’s been rainin’ for so long, It’s been […]


Lluvia otra vez y… Happy When It Rains?

Happy When It Rains (The Jesus and Mary Chain) Step back and watch the sweet thing, Breaking everything she sees, She can take my darkest feeling, Tear it up till I’m on me knees, Plug into her electric cool, Where things bend and break and shake to the rule. Talking fast couldn’t tell me something, […]